The main features of craps game

Craps game a form of poker, which appeared many years ago. It was one of the first varieties of gambling entertainment. Many scientific discoveries and achievements of famous scientists were made possible by popular gambling.

Free craps game is different from other types of poker. At the gaming table can play at least two people. The optimal number of players is 4. In the game, poker on the dice is used by five special poker dice or regular dice with numbers from 1 to 6. The main task of the player is to successfully roll the dice and make a good combination or score maximum points.

Rules of the game

At the very beginning, the players in craps game online make first throws, which determine the sequence of moves. Whoever gets the highest hand starts the game. The whole game is divided into two stages. In the first round you need to collect the best combination, where three or more cubes will have the same values.

In craps game rules for table odds layout after the first throw, the player can leave the collected combination, or transfer some bones. After the second throw, it is also possible to transfer bones or leave the resulting combination. You can throw any of the cubes. After three throws, the move goes to the next player. During the game, a table of results is constantly maintained.

If 3 bones of the same denomination fall out, a number is entered in the table and 0 is put next to it, if the number of identical cubes is greater or less, “+” or “-“ is put next to the digit. The rules of poker on dice are fairly simple, although they have some special features.

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Variants of the game


There are several variants of poker on the dice. It is possible to play when, at the first stage, only folding of combinations occurs, without accruing plus points. Unused attempts can be used at the second stage. At the end of the game, for each unspent roll, an additional three points are awarded.

There are variations when the player records any combination from the table at his discretion. In place of the unplayed combination, simply put a zero. In some variations, for failing to comply with the obligatory combination, 20 points are written off, for overfulfilment (when 4 or 5 instead of three numbers drops out) – 10 points are added. Nowadays it’s available on android.

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