Rules of Poker: the cards combinations and strategies.

Poker has been popular for quite a long period of time. However, in order not to get only pleasure from it, but money as well, you must know rules of Poker, a card game that is chosen by many USA gamblers that visit casinos online. In some countries, Poker is even recognized as a sport, but there are too many variants of it, and it is not so easy to understand which of them to start with.

Currently, the most common type of poker game is Texas Hold ’em. The rules of Texas Holdem Poker are simple: you must remember the combinations of the cards, start playing and during the process understand which of the strategies you should choose to win more often.

The rules of Poker

In short, the rules of Poker are as follows:

  • Each player receives 2 closed cards;
  • According to the rules of Poker, Preflop betting circle starts;
  • Three common open cards appear on the table;
  • The betting round (Flop) starts;
  • 1 card (community) is laid. It is the Turn card, and it is open as well;
  • The round of Turn betting follows;
  • The last open community card is placed on the table. It is the River card. Thus, there are 5 common cards on the table face down.
  • Trading (River) begins;

Showdown in Poker

If according to the results of trading on the river, more than one player remains in the game, a showdown follows. Players must use any cards from their two on their hands and 5 common ones for making 5-card combinations. The bank is picked up by the player with the strongest.

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Following the Poker rules, the bank is taken by the gamer with the strongest of the Hands.

The Best Card Combinations

To know better, what are the rules of Poker, you should remember not only the value of the cards (they are simple: Ace is 11, and pictures are 10) but the cards’ combinations.

  • Royal Flush is the coolest one. These are 5 consecutive cards with a similar suit (from 10 to A);
  • Straight Flush 5 cards on one suit (also consecutive);
  • Four of a kind — 4 similar cards (Example: 4 Queens or four 3s, plus one another card);
  • Full House is 3 similar cards+ 2 similar cards. The probability of a Full house in poker is 0.14%.

Other combinations

  • Straight – any 5 cards (consecutive). The probability of this combination is 0.39%;
  • Three of a kind: 3 similar cards (for instance, 3+3+3+2 other ones);
  • Two pair (for instance, 4+4 plus 6+6);
  • Pair (2 similar cards and 3 other ones);
  • High card (the highest card in the Hand).

Strategies of the game — where to find the information?

Learning the rules of Poker and all these cards’ combinations like Flush, Royal Flush, and others, you will soon understand that some strategies are needed.

There are many of them, and it is better to find special literature on these strategies.

Strategies of Online Poker

The most obvious difference between online Poker and the usual table game is not is the rules of Poker, but the absence of real opponents.

However, the fact that you do not see other players does not deprive you of the opportunity to try to calculate the strength of their Hands. One of these tips is the speed with which the player makes bets. Strong Hands usually make their bets quickly, and vice versa. Using the Autoplay button, with which you can choose an action before your turn came, can also tell a lot about your opponent’s hand.

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For example, if the big blind immediately checks preflop, it is logical to assume that they have already chosen the option (“check/fold”). Play more online, use free Poker versions and finally, you will work out your own game strategy.

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